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Please read over the following guidelines in regards to furniture removal, tracking of carpet and seams. Your help will assure a smooth installation:


 ____Prior to installation, disconnect and move any electronic items such as computers, televisions, stereos and speakers. There will be an additional charge if our installers need to move any of these items and we will only move them with the assistance of the customer.
____Remove all small items from the areas to be carpeted prior to installation. These include lamps, end tables, drawers from dressers, mirrors, empty china cabinets and other such items.
____The customer is responsible for disassembling furniture such as beds, entertainment centers and exercise equipment. Items such as safes, clocks, glass tables and antiques must by moved prior to installation.
____Clear all closet floors at least 4 feet from floor level. There may be an additional charge to cut around certain closet organizers.
____NO CARPET SEAM IS TOTALLY INVISIBLE!!! Certain carpets show seams more than others and the lighting in your home can also affect seam appearance.
____ALL CARPETS WILL SHOW FOOTPRINTS AND TRACKING!!! No carpet is totally "Footprint free". Certain carpets show more tracking and footprints than others. All carpets will leave impressions from all furniture.
____NO CARPET IS STAIN PROOF, WEAR PROOF OR FADE PROOF!!!! Yes the warranties sound great, but they have exclusions! All applicable warranties will be provided to you upon the time of installation.
____Normal carpet installation may scuff wall, doors or baseboards. Expect touch up painting and some dust. Tony's Carpets is not responsible for trimming of doors if necessary. Please advise us to wires under your existing carpet.

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